Healthy Meals Prepared & Delivered. Flanders Fine Foods delicious meal plan packages delivered on Mondays & Thursdays. Or available for pick up at The Inn 7 days a week. The Chef made nutritious meals & soups are fresh, fully cooked and can be reheated in mere minutes in your microwave.

A special letter from a special person. 

My name is Mark. I am writing this BLOG in a large FONT for seniors like me.           

I have been retired for years, and I learned that so many of my fellow seniors living alone struggle to prepare a quality meal.

The dinner meal served at either 12 noon and 5:00 pm is important for us seniors, especially living alone and trying to cook and prepare a meal for one.

I saw an ad placed by The INN on Officers’ Garden seeking a driver to deliver their home-cooked meals.   

When I went for the interview, I was happy to learn that Flanders Fine Foods made their own quality food, so they differed from the food delivery people in Calgary who drop off pizzas and fast foods from restaurants around the city.

The good news is, I got the job!  

High-Quality Food For Seniors Like Me 

My specialty is delivering to seniors like me. 

The Flanders Fine Foods meals contain healthy proteins such as salmon or arctic char, or poultry and lean veal served with baby potatoes. Vegetables are in all servings, such as string green beans or asparagus tips (which helps with heart disease prevention because they contain homocysteine which cleans our blood vessels).

I love the mild sauces, and often I order the fresh tossed salads with tomatoes, chopped red onions and sesame seeds. Yummy!

What I enjoy most is dropping off our fresh and ready Heat & Eat meals to the many seniors who look forward to seeing me daily. We always share a laugh or two at the front door.

Help A Senior Today 

If you wish to help a senior friend, who is not doing well because of a poor diet, you get a meal delivered for only $36 for three separate days. You will receive a membership as a Senior Supper Angel.  

The Calgary Herald is anxious to do a story about Seniors Helping other Seniors to have nourishing foods daily.

You can email your order online at and click on The Food Order Button or call 587-231-0011 at Flanders Fine Foods.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon.