Step 1 – What’s the Purpose of the Event? 

When you decide to throw an event, you have to know why you’re doing it. 

Do you plan to engage clients and build relationships? Or is it an exclusive work-only event to celebrate a successful year? 

By identifying your goals and expectations, you will lay the foundations for organizing the rest of your event, from the audience and number of attendees to the location and the activities, making it easier. 

Step 2 – Know Your Budget 

Crunch the numbers and determine if what the expected cost outlay will be for your corporate event. It will influence all aspects of your event, meaning you’ll have to balance out everything accordingly.

As a tip, it’s best to leave room in your budget. For example, if you have a budget of $10,000, aim to spend $8,000, so you have money if things pop up unexpectedly and won’t go over your threshold. 

Step 3 – Know the Details 

Knowing the finer details of your event will streamline the rest of the planning process. Make sure you consider the 5 W’s: who, what, when, where and why!

  • Who is coming to the event? (this will help determine the number of people attending the event) 
  • What should the guests expect or bring? (if anything is needed)
  • When the event is (the date and time of the function) 
  • Where is the event being held?
  • Why are you throwing this event? 

Assessing these finer details can fine-tune your planning process, so you get everything on point and when you need it. 

Step 4 – Find a Venue 

Finding a corporate event venue in Calgary can be difficult, so make sure you consider the costs, logistics, size and what it offers. 

You’ll have to balance all this together, so research venues nice and early. It’s always good to find a place that offers various options so that it can streamline your search – like The INN on Officers’ Garden!  

We offer multiple spaces which can accommodate a range of corporate functions, with various areas, such as The Event Hall, The Historic Living Room, the Snake Pit and Vino Chat. You’ll also get food and beverages from some of the best producers in Alberta. Our historical and royal location is we’ll make the perfect venue for your corporate event in Calgary. 

Celebrating something a little more special? Read our detailed article here on why The Inn is perfect as a wedding venue.” 

Step 5 – Schedule the Logistics 

Planning out everything on the day can ensure a streamlined event with minimal hassles. 

Know what time your guests are coming, what the plan is throughout the day or night (such as speeches or contests), and make sure that your staff is briefed on everything that happens.

The better you schedule the logistics of your corporate event, the better it will be. 

Step 6 – Send Out the Invitations & Enjoy!

Make sure you send out the invitations nice and early; two to three weeks prior is ideal if it is a minor event, and a month or more if it is a big event with plenty of people. This gives your guests enough time to schedule their lives. 

You should also let them know where to park, the dress code, and an agenda of what is happening throughout the event. Keep track of all RSVPs, so you know who is coming and if they require any special attention.

Now, just sit back and enjoy your event – it’s that simple! 

Enjoy the modern inn experience at The Inn on Officers Garden. Our historical building blends the past with today’s modern workmanship, making us the perfect everyday social hub and ideal venue for weddings, corporate events, family reunions and weekends away. Our boutique hotel in Calgary offers numerous event spaces, and with the Inn Suites, you’ll get thirteen beautiful rooms for wedding days, nights and those looking for a getaway. Whether as a corporate event or for a small wedding venue in Calgary, The Inn at Officers’ Garden offers everything you need. Book your spot today by contacting us at (587) 885-1995 or at