Hello Alberta Government:

My fellow staff associates at The INN on OFFICERS’ GARDEN did not sleep last night, anticipating Premier Kenney’s announcement today (May 25th). We have waited so long to get to work and help our families and pay our bills.

Our manager at Flanders Fine Foods keeps telling us how patient we have been, even though we are vaccinated and operate the cleanest cuisine kitchen in Canada. It’s time that you consider our suggestions so that we can continue serving our beloved patrons.

Premier Kenney: PLEASE announce during your speech today that you have approved that we can serve our patrons delicious meals. 

We offer our patrons delicious soups and salads, as well as three-course meals for those who love our salmon and arctic char, and our lean veal. Our proteins enhance our patrons’ overall health and well-being.  

Furthermore, our chefs provide freshly cooked string green beans and parsley tips for heart disease prevention. These greens contain homocysteine to help cleans the vessels of our patrons. 

Premier Kenney: if you come to our community in your provincial riding of Currie Green, we will serve you your favourite rice noodles with our special chicken Pad-Thai, served with canola oil, green onions, red peppers and your favourite hot banana peppers.           

Bring members of the legislative assembly. We conduct an AHS screening with temperature recognition before we seat them. From there, they can enjoy their meals while overlooking the beautiful views of the Officers’ Garden. 

We can hardly wait to hear the good news that we are open and back to work again, this time for good! Hopefully, you’ll join us when you announce that things are back open. 

Thank you from all of us at Flanders Fine Foods at The INN on OFFICERS’ GARDEN.

When scheduling your visit, please book online at www.theinncalgary.com or call 587-231-0011.

Yours truly, 

Robert, Natoma, Venessa, Michele, Chef Michael, Manager Ron, and all of us.